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My Calculator
muhayyo (4)

Basic Calculator - simple and easy to understand. Performs +, -, * and /

big0 (2)

the best way is
return a + b

and so on for all operator ;)

LardBoi (37)

i broke it in seconds

you should make input checks so someone like me doesnt type in what they want instead of the corresponding number.

Nosrep (13)

you should have used an else: statement so someone doesn't just type "kh sff d" and get an error, but it's cool

emilian1000000 (12)

To make it easier and save a lot of space, you should have used the eval() function.

HappyFakeboulde (241)

Good, but it is possible to make one in just one or two lines in Python 3

muhayyo (4)

Thanks for comments!! I'll work on suggestions. Cheers