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Music Player
Jeydin21 (101)

Music Player is a somewhat simple project that allows you to play music in your browser or on your phone in the background!

How To Use

It's simple! All you have to do is press that giant play button and you're off! To switch between songs, just press the right or left arrow to do so! Or you can just wait for the song to end, and it'll just automatically go to the next song.


You can edit what songs will play in the folder labeled mp3. You can change the covers for the songs in covers. To add a song use this format inside of script.js:

  name: "put-the-song-name-here",
  artist: "put-the-artist-name-here",
  cover: "covers/put-a-cover-file-here",
  source: "mp3/put-an-audio-file-here",
  favorited: false

Questions and Support

If you have a question about something, please ask it in the comments section! Or, if you want to tell me how good my project is, you can say that too!

And that's all! Thanks for checking out my project. Feel free to fork this project and make it better, or just fork it to listen to your own music on your own URL. I won't judge ;)

If you enjoyed this project, please upvote this project for more projects like this, but better!

CoolCoderSJ (612)

How has this gotten only 22 upvotes?

CoolCoderSJ (612)

The UI is beautiful ....

Jeydin21 (101)

Wow, we're in a Newsletter!

Thank you to everyone that liked this project!
You can view the newsletter here. Very cool, and unexpected!

JackLesher (14)

@Jeydin21 Good for you! My project was in a newsletter once, during the Multi-player coding thing. Came in 3rd place! But enough about me, let's just take this moment to celebrate how far you've come!


cool dude ; nice work


@Jeydin21 welcome , i recently posted one thing if u have time plz check it

elipie (352)

should put first downloaded song: never gonna give you up

Jeydin21 (101)


elipie (352)

@Jeydin21 imo its not mean, its a rickroll

Jeydin21 (101)

@elipie Maybe I should add it then :O

Jeydin21 (101)

@elipie I can't :(
I'm doing Social Studies homework right now and I can't do it :(

RayhanADev (2514)

Nice! I think I’m just gonna, yep, upvoted!
Also this is great for me to learn how to add music into my project for the #BramJam xD.

XxMustardCatxX (3)

Very nice, 1 suggestion, a youtube API scraper instead of just the same songs?


You could try making a Express Server for the backend with LowDB to add music etc...

Everything asides. Very cool project!

combusken (12)

What if you take it a step further... Being able to upload your own music!!!

BTW. Great project!

Jeydin21 (101)

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, for the type of music files, all file types are supported as long as your browser can support it! For this post I used mp3 because most browsers support it.