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Mun 'N' Gun!
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What is Mun 'N' Gun?

Mun 'N' Gun is a quick project I put together after learning about the game jam, and designing a concept around the "cash" theme- it was rather rushed, as I had to actively learn Pygame along with designing the game, but it turned out better than I hoped in the short time I had.

Mun 'N' Gun is a top down, twin stick shooter (WASD to move, arrow keys to shoot) where your money not only buys you upgrades, but serves as your ammo against the enemy onslaught. There are two primary ways to gain money, or "Mun":

  • killing enemies has a chance to drop a Mun coin
  • staying in the green "Mun Zone" for 10 seconds generates Mun

After 1 minute of enemy waves, you have the chance to shop for items. Pressing the number key above an item buys it, and the item's cost is below it. Items will upgrade your speed, rate of fire, damage, range, or bullet size, and will grow in price as you buy more of one upgrade. Eventually, you will be left with no items- just your trusty Mun against the incoming waves of enemies. Fortunately, Mun coins will also grow in value- be careful, because if you don't pick them up, they will disappear before you can shop with them!

Pressing escape at any time will exit the game, and is the only way to quit after a game over.


Mun 'N' Gun has been finished, but not sufficiently tested at this point- please give any feedback about difficulty or lack thereof in the comments.

You can play Mun 'N' Gun below:

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