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Multiplayer pong game made with

A simple multiplayer pong game using and node.js. As my first multiplayer game, I'd like to thank all the people who helped me get here, on stack overflow, replit, and in real life, I want to thank everyone for this. Special credt to

JBis- stackoverflow, thank you for helping me get my start with coding on google apps [email protected], thank you for the inspiration and direction to help me get going with a multiplayer game on your multiplayer game example repl, @Brysonvan1 and @btfuss, who first taught me some server code, @theonlygoodone, who inspired me to get into node.js with their unblocker, and was kind when I reached out to them.

PS. You migh know me as @ethanblesch or LlamaButt, this is a new accout.

PPS. To all the dirtbags who relentlessly hacked 3 button run, I hope you rot in hell. Looking at you in particular, @coder100