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Multiplayer Game Powered by my Simple Message Service
west (139)

I decided I wanted to make it easier for new programmers to make multiplayer games. So I wrote a REST service that is designed to be interfaced with by the two classes in this repl. It's in a very early beta state. The client side code (the two classes) are not secure. They will (at some point) be updated to use json serialization instead of eval. This is just a proof of concept to see if people are interested. Feel free to use the token. Just know that the number of active clients is limited to 10. Clients do not expire, they must be killed. You can sign up for your own account with a private name space and tokens at I'm looking forward to feedback on how I can make the service more user friendly before I start the next refractor. Any and all constructive feedback from people with any level of experience is welcome.