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Muffin Catastrophe!
Beads (2)

Really, I just changed what was being printed and the story..and stuff. All of it is mostly by @Kookiez! Thanks!
Questions: Does this look like a bird?

Th3Coder (68)

The Code

  • Amazing! A lot of things to do, but sadly there's an error when choosing number 2... number 1 works just fine though! :)
  • Lua surely has similar Syntax with Python! The print statement, the variable assignments etc are VERY similar to Python!

    Fun fact: Both of them run very slowly compared to C and C++!

Your question

  • Indeed, it looks like a bird! 🐦
  • What is it called again? Right, it KINDA looks like a kiwi. I'm not sure though! 😅
  • But the bird looks flat in that emoticon, sadly :(
Kookiez (385)

@Th3Coder yes very flat, but i believe that bird is a northern cardinal :)