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Monthly Repls add-on thing idk
TheC0derGirl (220)

Hey guys, I just looked through the Monthly repls for feb, amazing as always, but I just wanted to add one on, as I don't think it got enough - any - attention, when it deserved some.

@ch1ck3n made a freaking amazing jam
anddd i think u should go check it out like NOW

so yeah, if you think i should add anyone else, lemme know in the comments!


ch1ck3n (1629)

nah il probably make it on the april thing thank you though

TheC0derGirl (220)

@ch1ck3n yuh, i just couldnt wait till april, like i cant wait for anything 0_0

ch1ck3n (1629)

@TheC0derGirl i'm going to be offline in exactly 36 minutes and 17 seconds so bye

TheC0derGirl (220)

@ch1ck3n wow thats specific - i was/am offline to so uh bye