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Monster killer 🔪🦖
CuriousMonkey (45)

Do you want to kill monsters on a c++ console? (lets assume you do :P)

Basicly this is a game I made on vs code and it got so fun for me i just decided to post it.

Ok so there is this monster thingy that has 75000 health. If you press 'a' then enter it loses 1 health. You also get 1 money everytime you attack it.

You can also increase the ammount of damage per attack by 5 if you press 's' (and enter) and have at least 50 money. Similarly you can increase the amount of money per attack you get for 75 money by pressing 'd' (and enter).

This game can get really stressful on your hands but you feel so accomplished after you kill this fet boi (well at least i did xD)

Also just a little note: IF YOU KILL THIS MONSTER THING YOU GET 10000000 (ten million) money :)

If you just wanna see like a speedrun of it stop the program, then type "yes 'a' | ./main


repl terminal is a little slower than my mac's terminal so please don't be hateful of bad graphics

drag the terminal size increaser thing so you can see the whole monster

a little hint for the game: just spam one finger on 'a' and another on enter ;)

keep buying more money per attack until you hit 1500 money per attack. then keep getting more damage per attack until you hit 1500 and attack whenever you can't afford it. after you hit 1500 damage per attack just spam 'a' and enter and in less than a minute you will successfully kill the monster and get ten million money!!!