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Money Programmer

Money Programmer is a game in which you program different programs to make money.
Programs are split into three categories: games, utilities, and operating systems.

  • Games are the quickest to program, but give you the lowest skill
  • Utilities are slower, with moderate skill (Unlocked at Skill Level 40)
  • Systems are the slowest, but give you the highest skill (Unlocked at Skill Level 80)
    The money you get from each program depends on the type of program and the demand for it. The demand container holds all of these values. Please note that the demand is randomized after every upload!
    Languages also affect your skill level. The higher (more expensive) the language, the more skill you get. (Can be bought by clicking the 'purchase languages' button

Game: Click Me (Open in New Tab)
Code: Click Me

Don't cheat (for all of those with F-12 abilities)