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Money Maker

How to Play

Money Maker is a text-based, incremental game. Work, hire employees, expand your business, and become a millionaire! Type the number that corresponds to the option on the menu.

How to Save

You can save your progress by choosing "Save password". Copy this text, save it in a file. Choose "Load password", then paste this text into the terminal to upload your progress.

Note: Do not use Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V to copy or paste your password. Using key shortcuts will interrupt the terminal. Instead highlight, right-click and choose "copy" or "paste".

Updates Since Posting

  • Service now goes down when an employee quits.
  • Player should still earn money when prices are high, but not too high.
  • Monthly expenses have been lowered (twice).
  • Customers and earnings are more consistent (less random).
  • Prices of each upgrade increases by a smaller amount.
  • Upgrading the business increases service by 2 instead of 1.
  • You can buy lottery tickets by choosing Rest. There's a 1 in a million chance to win a million dollars!

Have fun!

I started making this right before the game jam started. I wanted to make my game cash-themed, so I decided to do a simple business game.

If you have any issues with the game, please let me know in the comments. So here it is! Enjoy and remember to upvote this post!


Great game! I created a python bot to spam 1 and enter (python can virtually press keys).


@GameMaster1928 Nice! Let me know how far your bot has gone.


@Edgod Well I tried to turn it off and accidentally clicked on its file, and then it opened like 50 copies of itself (because it was pressing enter), and then I had to restart my computer (it froze my computer)...


@Edgod It got about 1000 units in a minute (I turned it off correctly this time).


I just want to mention that when you upgrade your business a lot then the price gets tiring to get to. Also I’m not sure what the employees do other than make you pay them lol.


@MATTHEWBECHTEL The employees help increase your service, which helps you get more customers. It will tell you in the game. I've changed a couple of numbers, including the upgrade costs, so I wouldn't recommend using any passwords before this update.


Also I feel the more you upgrade your company then you can’t recieve small amounts of pay when you work like $.57 maybe like $10.


@MATTHEWBECHTEL Thank you for your comment. I will be fixing this soon.

Edit: The issue has been fixed. Also, passwords are used to save your progress, read the updated description. Don't forget to upvote this post if you like the game!




Hm, interesting. Now it appears to tell me how much that I earn everyday but not my total anywhere


Ok that sort of helps. When you say “copy this text” I don’t have no idea what text your talking about.


Cool, but I’m confused about the password.


@MATTHEWBECHTEL you have to use the "save password" option before you log out