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Mining Game||mmanikan

Mine-Stone v1.0

I'm back with another fun game called Mine-Stone.

In this game, you'll play as a miner, and mine stones to earn money.

This is another project I worked hard on, so please let me know what else I should add.


Types of things you can mine.

  • coal
  • iron
  • diamond
  • and emerald.

And there is a made-up gem called mmanikanium.

As always, plz upvote if u liked it : ) Have a nice day!!!

fishers14 (9)

where is the game? please post so more people see

lightningrock (148)

you should make like lava so if you go deep enough


@lightningrock yep, was thinking about it.

lightningrock (148)

ok maybe you could also add more layers and rocks would become more common but lava would be too @Twitchmmanikan


@lightningrock yea, if this game gets popular.