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Minimalist v2
CoolCoderSJ (502)

Introducing Minimalist v2!

This update to Minimalist brings many new and exciting features -

  • A complete Documentation overhaul
  • Cards
  • Pages
  • Navbar
  • Messages
  • Built in support for Badges
  • Badges (A diff element)
  • Notifications
  • Navbar Tabs
  • Progress Bars

Have fun!

WilliamXing (43)

What does this do?

CoolCoderSJ (502)

@WilliamXing This is a CSS Library made for web devs. Instead of writing pure css by hand, you can use numerous pre-built elements instead.

WilliamXing (43)

Where is your first minimalist? @CoolCoderSJ

CoolCoderSJ (502)

@WilliamXing I cant share link because i uh technically overwrote the docs

I plan to make separate pages from now on, but v1 kinda got overwritten

lightningrock (148)

for the list you can do this:

.parent {
  text-align: center;
.parent > ul {
  display: inline-block;
<div class="parent">

to align the bullets

LegendaryWolf (633)

BRUH! The side navbar doesn't have hover effects! a nav shud be like this -
sorry if I'm rude... :)
Edit: Pls open link in new tab for best experiencece

CoolCoderSJ (502)

@LegendaryWolf The sidebar is still a work in progress, once I’m done with it it will go as a separate element in the wikis for anyone to use.

CoolCoderSJ (502)

@ch1ck3n yes, I explain that on the page for code.

Whippingdot (553)

Don't you hate it that CSS does this

NoIcE lIsT YoU GoT tHeRe bOi

xXToluwaXx (8)

Me: Wth am i looking at
Coder me: Wow how you do that