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Minimalist Chat
trvrm (16)

Asynchronous Python on the backend, Ractive.js on the front end, with a sprinkling of the Bulma CSS library. An elegant, minimalist multi-user chat system in 100 lines of Python.

Agzamikail (2)

Can you give the code @trvrm

ebest (672)

Great recipe. I might have to buy some of the Bulma CSS library so I can create it myself. Where do you buy it?

nagnath7 (0)

amasad (3444)

This is really cool. Can tou share the source please?

trvrm (16)

@amasad The source is here:

This was an interesting exercise in pushing changes to a Ractive.js frontend from asynchronous Python. I'm quite pleased with the approach I came up with.