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Mini Lang in Rust
MocaCDeveloper (651)

I did this just for fun lol. I put my knowledge of Rust to the test and this was the output of it.

I created a small little languages capable of having variables and printing.

Seems pretty simple :)

JacobMcPherson1 (239)

I was making my own small language, but mine is made in python so yours is obviously better

MocaCDeveloper (651)


Well, sad to say, although interpreting is slower then's safe to say Rust is a pretty slow language for being compiled that compared to Python. Although speeds will increase more in Rust than it would in Python due to Python have slow runtimes and being interpreted and Rust being compiled

IMayBeMe (476)

This is simple and cool! Using Rust was just an added bonus!

MocaCDeveloper (651)


Something I added that was hard to add in C is removing the values to print after they've been printed. That makes the runtime allot faster

Wumi4 (531)

That's pretty cool!