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Mini Golf Browser Game
bgass (38)

A mini golf game that runs in the browser

VulcanWM (2759)

Hey, this is epic! Can I use this game in my new project?

EshaanAhuja (1)

the ball went outside the screen an did not stop at the walls. other than that awesome game!

mkhoi (299)

Sometimes the ball hit a wall and its bounce back at me. Thats not how collisions work.

Lamby777 (57)

In hole 7, I went out of bounds in the bottom right.
You can do some really weird things with the collision lol.

madmonster (33)

Where is the ball?

Goldrank (38)

I'm trash.... so I failed.... IN STYLE

SirNapkin1334 (3)

Cool! But needs some work. The wall physics are really glitchy - instead of bouncing off and being reflected, it gets sorta glitched back. I also managed to accidentally glitch out of the course and into the background on the 3rd level. But very cool! I know I couldn't do this myself.

EDIT: was also able to get out of bounds after about a minute of trying on the fourth or fifth level. I used it to get to the other side.

bgass (38)

My high score

MillwallMindham (0)

nice job how about you program your self some friends

NoahPearson1 (3)

@MillwallMindham Yeah and while he's at it he could program a less toxic attitude for you.

TakeTheLlama69 (1)

@MillwallMindham Wow. I didn't know that being left with computers could make a person as foul-mouthed as you. It's not like you can do any better.


this is great. I love the applications of python 5

AdamAhmed8 (0)

nvm game is gud!!

AdamAhmed8 (0)

@bgass how do you play?? like where do you go to play the game???

amasad (3436)

This is cool! Good work.

amasad (3436)

Seems a bit buggy though. The ball sometimes goes out of bounds

Zavexeon (1162)

@amasad Seems realistic to me. That happens to me all the time in real life. I'm not very good at mini-golf though.... >_<.

bgass (38)

@amasad Thank you. The walls are sometimes glitchy I am trying to find a solution to the problem.