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Minecraft! Except not...
InvisibleOne (3224)

Welp... here it is.

My 2d knockoff Minecraft with bugs that drive me crazy and weird glitches that can allow you to get unlimited dirt...


Use the arrow keys to move around. Press 1 to see inventory, 2 to change what you are carrying and 3 to change you tool.

Certain tools can only do certain things, so you have to have the right tool or you can't pick stuff up.

To put down something you have to have selected it and then press space, once you move from your position it will put it where you were.


Moving between "chunks" causes lots of errors, and it's easy to get lost. Only the demo and dev modes work, save and restore don't work and I probably won't add it unless people actually like this and I am motivated to put some work into it.

Also, if you use dev mode you should be able to teleport if you paid attention and remembered the location of your base.

And so there you have it, have fun and enjoy, tell me all about the bugs that I probably won't ever fix, oh yeah, and here's my base:

Isn't it glorious?

Oh yeah, and I didn't make the ASCII Text, that was from

DillonB07 (25)

Cool! But maybe you could reconfigure the directions to allow you to use WASD if you prefer that over the arrow keys (people who actually play Minecraft will prefer WASD as they're used to it!)

That should be really simple to do with an or in your if statements!

InvisibleOne (3224)

Yeah, I usually have it do both, I'll add that in v2 when I get around to fixing the bugs @DillonB07