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AmoghTheCool (17)

A Minecraft version of ReplAlone (replalone made by @BobTheTomatoPie). However, no code came from him (and this is not a fork). This is my own code
So basically this game is about [you choose how many] people who are stuck on an island - and you see what happens to them (disclaimer: it's usually not good...)! As with @BobTheTomatoPie's one, click enter (or click the continue button) to continue. You can add as many players as you would like.

note: fullscreen recommended

@InvisibleOne just because you have a house doesn't mean you are in it, actually it doesn't even matter in the game lol

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

glad to know you liked my game

InvisibleOne (3228)

But I had just built a house!