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Microsoft VS Google! See here!
LegendaryWolf (619)

MS vs Google, what do u like? (I like both)
let's see in this post!

Coder100 (16760)
Office UtilsTheir google suite isn't that goodHas the best office utils you will ever see and need (psst PowerPoint and word is just the best)
ComputingTheir cloud computing is pretty pogHaven't used it yet, but azure seems cool
CodeThey have a code editor?VS for C++/C#, but if you don't like it, use VSCode
Open Sourceidk they're working on it probably, but tensorflow is coolThey open source a lot of things, but they're working on it too
Gamingidkfrom what i see xbox is popular
ClosingGoogle is still the king, but other companies are WORKING on itThey are like that pog thing that nobody talks about
LegendaryWolf (619)

U right dude, word has more features than docs. ppt vs slids =
ppt wins

LegendaryWolf (619)

Google has a code editor for java