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😏 Meme Generator 😈
KobeFF (1271)

hElLo EvErYoNe!!

How's your day? :D
... Very Noice.

Quick question..

What do you call a dwarf on ice??

lol imagine using a fidget spinner in 2021 tho XD

Anyways, today I made a MEME GENERATOR :3
Click a button, and a meme pops up! It's pretty self-explanatory...



Well, you get the idea!

The memes are from multiple sources like reddit, google, instagram, t.. and couples lame ones i created myself.

I also spam runned pls meme commands on discord lol

@angrydoge also gave me some funny memes :D

Note: Sometimes the javascript math function goes wonk and it it shows you the same memes. Just spam click the generate button a few
times and it should show you new ones eventually

I'll be adding more memes as we speak!

So without further ado, enjoy some memes!

angrydoge (481)

Need another image dump? :>>

zplusfour (914)

Nice job!
But I think you should add textboxes to add our own meme, but however its still nice!

also im ZDev1 but changed my username
KobeFF (1271)

@zplusfour Ah thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to do it tomorrow.

Hi ZDev1 :D
FloCal35 (670)

Thers moar ef neded

Whoops there might have been too much
KobeFF (1271)

@FloCal35 yea i did not understand what that meant XD

FloCal35 (670)

I tried to post a bunch of memes at one time @KobeFF, none of them loaded

FloCal35 (670)

Here, lemme upload them one at a time @KobeFF

FloCal35 (670)


Nvm, none of them seem to be working except this one

FloCal35 (670)

If you need more, I got em @KobeFF

KobeFF (1271)

@FloCal35 Oh wow, tysm! Its late tonite (at least for me) so I'm gonna go to sleep soon. I'll upload them first thing in the morning tomorrow :D

Anyways thanks!

ValTheGal (5)

HAHAHAHAH Please add more!!!!!!! Also you could make a place where people submit their own funny memes or memes they found. Im still dying laughing though.

KobeFF (1271)

@ValTheGal Of course! Glad you like it :D

RhinoRunner (864)

XDXD I love it!
I made some memes, can you add them?
click here and here

KobeFF (1271)

@RhinoRunner Sure thanks! Its kinda late for me so i'll do t first thing tomorrow morning... Thanks!

KobeFF (1271)

@JBYT27 Thanks! Just kept the website design SIMP

OldWizard209 (1599)

So lemme guess. , a collaborative browser IDE and a place to share your programs has turned into a meme section. W000W. I am impressed.

KobeFF (1271)

@angrydoge Thanks! I'll add some of those :D

angrydoge (481)

If you need more i have a lot @KobeFF

angrydoge (481)

Lol just tell me when you meed an image dump. @KobeFF

angrydoge (481)

Need a image dump? @KobeFF
I scrolled manganelo for a bit and got like 100 new ones

angrydoge (481)

I dont wanna make super long comments w/o permission lol. @KobeFF

angrydoge (481)

Lol I see some reddit memes here

TsunamiOrSumth (545)

stolen from reddit >:0

KobeFF (1271)

@TsunamiOrSumth omg tysm i forgot to add credits XD