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MegaCorporation: Spice Wars

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Hello, welcome to Megacorporation: Spice Wars!
*This game was heavily inspired by Civilization

Its the 17th century and you are in direct control of a trading post of the Vereenidge Oostindische Compagnie, or the Dutch East India Company. You must develop the area around the ports and build new ones in the region you were assigned to. You must maximize profits and make as much gold as possible for 100 months

-W, A, S, D to move around the map.
-Use Left Shift to move down and space to move up.
-Move your mouse around while holding down the right mouse button in order to rotate.

The Game's map is made up of 625 square tiles. Some are on these tiles have things on top of them. Let's discuss what they are:

  • Dark Green Trees: These are normal trees.

  • Light Green Trees: These are nutmeg trees.

  • Villages: Villages start out with 5 workers which you can use to keep your building active. You can increase the number of workers by producing more food. Producing a surplus will increase the number of workers in each village over time. If the workers are not fed, the population will start declining. If the villages are not fed for long enough, they will rebel and their workers will stop working for you.

You must make as much money as possible during the period of a hundred turns. When you start the game, you will be in front of your Trading Post. Trading Posts control a 5 by 5 area around themselves. Tiles in this region will have a red border surrounding them. You can only build building and farms in this region. If you click on it, you will open up your production menu. Here you can produce one of the 4 types of units:

  • Builders: Builders can build buildings and farms on tiles. These output resources like food and gold but require slaves and workers in order to keep them active. Some consume resources. You can read more about the different types of building further down. They can be used 4 times.

  • Settlers: Settlers can be used to create Trading Posts. Trading Posts must be places next on a ground tile next to the ocean on the coast. You can use this new trading post to produce more units and you will get another set of 25 tiles to build upon.

  • Battleships: Battleships can be used to transfer Units by sea. It is the only unit that can travel by water. When you click the embark button, all units on adjacent ground tiles will be transferred onto the ship. You can move it anywhere through the ocean and eventually, disembark your troops your boarded units while you are next to land.

  • Armies- Can be used to suppress a slave revolt and take back a village that is in your territory. Can be used 4 times.

Here are the types of buildings in order of priority. If there are not enough workers, they will automatically be allocated to things higher on this list.:

  • Nutmeg Farms: Can be built over towns with nutmeg trees. Produces 3 gold and 5 food per turn.

  • Farms: Can be built over normal tiles without anything on them. Produces 5 food

  • Mills: Can be built over tiles with normal trees on them. It produces 2 gold.

The additional building is a Fortress. This can be built on regular tiles with nothing on them. The increase in the size of the area controlled by the post in whose area they are in.

If you are finished with a turn, click on the blue arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen and wait for a second or two. The number on the top right should increase by one.
If you want to move a unit, first select it. Then click on the tile you want to move it to. This should create a yellow path from the current location of the unit to the destination. Every turn will move the unit some distance on the path depending on the types of tiles it passes through. Units can pass 4 tiles on water, 2 tiles on normal tiles, and 1 only tile with trees on them.

If not fed, villages can lose their population quickly. If the food is at 0 and there is a deficit in food, then villages will start dying. Having a net positive food supply will increase the population.

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I liked the graphics, but I was a bit confused on what to do - can you help me out?

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@timmy_i_chen I changed the description.