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Maze Race
DanielC5th (86)
Compete against your friends as you race through a maze.

TimmyChen1 (130)

This is fantastic! Super crazy idea, but what if there was some way to generate a maze based on a text file? something like this:

DanielC5th (86)

@timmy-chen: I'll work on getting something like that to work over the weekend. Thank you for the idea.

Chesire (1)

What language is this in?

Gymnast456 (1)

@danielc5th: How did you get turtle in I couldn't figure out how to do that

DanielC5th (86)

@gymnast456: When selecting the language, if you look under practical, Python(with Turtle) should be right below Python3.


Why can you go through walls?

CyanCoding (2190)

This program is so much fun! You should consider adding more mazes.

JoshuaBender (2)

@microwither: What is your definition of fun

CyanCoding (2190)

@joshuabender: Well, I love mazes and I've never seen a Python (with turtle) program like this (capturing keystrokes, moving because of that, and recognizing walls). And while I didn't have a second player with me, I think it'd be a lot of fun to race through it.

JoshuaBender (2)

@microwither: Yeah I like mazes too, and this is certainly an impressive program. Have a nice day!

DanielC5th (86)

Thank you for the feedback. I'll be trying to add these ideas and more to this program over the weekend.

amalal2 (0)

hahaha that was awesome

PendaCodeInc (0)

pretty good program, i think the map should be larger and more complicated, also different

Jonah_Johnson (0)

Great coding. But I recommenced making some sort of AI if possible

Eaglefang (6)

If person 1 went down as much as possible, and the other person did the same, then the other person (person 2) can go through lines.

DanielC5th (86)

@eaglefang: I haven't been able to recreate that error. It used to happen all the time when I first made this program, but patched it months ago and I haven't seen it since then. Which wall were going down towards?

Eaglefang (6)

@danielc5th: It's the wall that you first encounter when you go down.

betulc (0)

it's amazing! congratulations

DanielC5th (86)

I'll have another Maze added to this by Friday.

Alshs (0)

nice but it didnt work for me

DanielC5th (86)

@alshs: What parts didn't work?

ZanderHuebner (0)

this is a very interesting idea and can turn into more than you probably know but i had to take multiple tries to run it after exceeding a run time on lines

Pizzadrengen (2)

is it possible the remove the yellow background color?

DanielC5th (86)

@pizzadrengen: When I make the menu I'll add some color changing options.

DanielC5th (86)

New Maze now. I'll adding a menu that will let you chose which Maze you want to use soon.