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May the 4th project - BattleCenter
FloCal35 (683)

and welcome to Star Wars: Battle Center! (After the 2 long months of waiting)

An over 4000 line Star Wars Python project

Thank you everyone for the 500 cycles and happy May the 4th (Star Wars day)
In celebration of both these memorable events, I have combined all of my Star Wars projects (in python only) into one "menu" were you can play them. Many previous games have been updated and new games have also been added. Make sure this is opened in a new tab, the console is extended to left, and your sound is on or miss out on awesome ASCII animation created by me ;)

Games included

(any links lead to previous posts)

Of course many future updates will be added to these games

Please report any bugs, especially in the new games, in the comments and please give feedback as well

Thanks for playing and

or in this case, May the 4th be with you

And now to binge watch the new Bad Batch show

Pings: @CosmicWarrior, @InvisibleOne, @mesquite2234, @Code1Tech

Go ahead and open it in a new tab

BraggerSphere11 (1)

fornite must be crying their eyes out when they see this

Whippingdot (716)

i don't like RPGs sorry

also i might be picky because I realized I haven't upvoted the last like 5 posts I saw so sry

HappyLunchBox (51)

Revenge of the sixth

elipie (355)

is this just a copy of all of your old repls... not to be rude this kinda is low effort.

FloCal35 (683)

yes and no @elipie. Yes I did put them into this but I changed them in numerous ways and fixed a lot of previous bugs

elipie (355)

@FloCal35 hm i guess so, but still try not to repost..

iocoder (166)

@FloCal35 i became a clone trooper and this is what i got:

  1. Fight a battle
  2. Shop
  3. Rank up (10 rank points)

2. Shop why yes, ive seen clone troopers in target before
1. Flight a Battle obviously
3. Rank up well, well, well, what do we have here

anyway nice project lol and btw...

even though now its May 6th lol

tankerguy1917 (180)

OH NO. I'm a day late. Pretty nice though. I can see the hard work put into this.

Code1Tech (107)

Holy cow. :POG_CHAMP:
lmao i was not expecting this 🙃

mesquite2234 (280)

Revenge of the 5th

why u ping me

P0GCHAMPB0i (61)

may the frouth be with soy sauce you

lol this is not late to say it right?

HappyLunchBox (51)


Revenge of the sixth/fifth has started

Rovy (10)

may the fifth be with you

CyberHacker101 (137)

I feel like a boomer now sigh @FloCal35

CyberHacker101 (137)

true fact: I've never watched any star wars related movie, episode, or really anything except a knock off book @FloCal35

FloCal35 (683)

Go watch them all right now @CyberHacker101

CyberHacker101 (137)

Oke first of all nah and second of all i dont feel like watching all of the thousands of episodes @FloCal35

CyberHacker101 (137)

plus most of the star wars stuf is... weird @FloCal35

CyberHacker101 (137)

Well bro think about it really

do you think i got time for like a thousand episodes of some guy moving things with his mind lol

no offence in anyways :l @Code1Tech

elipie (355)

@CyberHacker101 there isnt 1 thousand episodes :/

Code1Tech (107)

@CyberHacker101 Watch the first Star Wars movie, you'll be so addicted.

Fun Fact, Star Wars were the first people to make it so different people have different music played for them.

CyberHacker101 (137)

You know what i mean lol @elipie

Bookie0 (6558)

May the fifth be with you – wait no, the fourth! :)

EdwardBentler (40)

Happy return of the fifth (and Cinco De Mayo)

BD103 (139)

TAKE MY UPVOTE! (This is awesome!)

Wilke000 (631)

May the 5TH be with you, lol

FloCal35 (683)

Yeah @Wilke000, not the same but lmao

Wilke000 (631)

Fine @Craz3d324 @FloCal35, this is one day late but


IGamer123 (83)

I thought rank 1 was cadet, then trooper, then... so on

FloCal35 (683)

Yeah @IGamer123, I got rid of 1 or 2 to make it more realistic


Perfect release date, AMAZING animation

JacobMcPherson1 (241)

I really need to watch the OG star wars movies

Wafflerexy (0)

My b-days today!! (May 4)

RayhanADev (2696)

horrible memes aside,

May the Fourth be with you!