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*Math intensifies* 2
Coder100 (17137)


Math intensifies was fun. This is, even more, fun. I have now made the sequel: levels, and problems YOU have suggested to me (sort of). I'll add more levels and a leaderboard. *Math intensifies* 2 is here to stay! Have fun!


I made this game because Math intensifies was a super fun game I made after a mathcounts competition to make everyone math better. This is even better. Now you can solve quadratics and you can also do stuff. Next time, you will be able to have leaderboards.


I am of the desperate need of suggestions! Some of them are but limited to enemy names, trig functions, problems, and UI suggestions.


Enjoy the epic new game I made! Please vote up if you liked the game!


Don't you dare use a calculator. That is illegal.
Solve for x: x^2-7x+12=0
Solve for x: 5x+3 = 6x-2

What is sin(pi)?
What is cos(pi)?
What is tan(pi)?
What is csc(pi)?
What is sec(pi)?
What is cot(pi)?

What is sin(180 deg)?
What is cos(180 deg)?
What is tan(180 deg)?
What is csc(180 deg)?
What is sec(180 deg)?
What is cot(180 deg)?

Please vote up if you liked the game!

LiamDonohue (291)

math police!!! your under arrest for using a calculator