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Math Program

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The program solves multiple high-level mathematics functions which you can choose from. Note: I will be adding more over time!

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  1. Dividing polynomials:
    - "Enter in the k value", without telling you what k represents...?!
    - "For every time the power is not there in the consecutive decrease, enter 0" What does this mean ? Well, upon deciding to not enter 0, and press return, there's' a parsing error related to the line number=input(">>> ")

  2. Solve Sinusoidal Equations:
    - For values a=3, b=2, c=8, d=0 and typing "degrees" as the option, there's a math domain error related to this line: answer=(asin(d)*(pi/180))

  3. Unit Vectors:
    - "Enter in the x and y coordinates in form (x, y)" for which I supplied the input "4, 8" and got returned "(4/Input must be an integer, 8/Input must be an integer)" Both 4 and 8 are integers.

  4. The remaining vector options do work, but you use very ambiguous, undefined terminology, which makes using these functions very difficult. But once one has answered each question with the wrong values that were thought to be something else, it's evident which value represents what in your program, and then the result is correct.

Generally, I think this format of interacting with a question-and-answer based method is too 1990s, and leads to a terrible user experience. You'd be much better off having allowing free input, e.g. 5sin(4x) = 0.5 and your program parsing the input, and being able to determine which type of equation it is, and then return the solution.