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Math Facts Game
tcscerncarnow (8)

This was for my science project and I worked on it for about a month. It is due June 1st of 2021. Pls in the comments wish me good luck. This first started as a regular python repl(replit) project then I had to use repl with turtle in it becuase I wanted a bigger screen. If you have any comments or questions please put them in the comments below. :D

CookieSnowOwl (41)

ok. so. This is only multiplication. Wondering: How is this science... It's math... ok 2. it's really easy. Progression should be faster. but ok. Algebra equations? Also equations like ?H20 + ?C = ?H202C3
smh like that
that's my advice: im not being mean
also you don't need to str(input).
it'll auto-turn to string
plz use .lower().
If this is for a science projects then don't use pls and those things. It should be formal if to be turned into the teacher. :) :)

tcscerncarnow (8)

sorry for the spelling mistakes