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Mandelbrot in C++ (no flickering!)
Coder100 (16985)

Mandelbrot in C++

Be sure to check out my JS version!

This version is the embeddable version you can run on your terminal!! It also includes calculations for corresponding Julia Sets (pog!! @fuzzyastrocat). Because of the limited colors of using curses, the graphics aren't the best.

Obviously most of this code is in C, I'm not quite sure why I chose C++...

How to use

The instructions are included inside the repl!


Enjoy :D
Sorry for the bad colors :( Imagine the time when computers only had these colors lol

finlay44111 (78)

C++ :pray: Oh father Stroustrup, we thank you for your fine creation.

DynamicSquid (4631)

@finlay44111 "fine creation" nope. C++ is standardized by ISO, and it's slowly deteriorating :(

xxpertHacker (855)

@DynamicSquid With every mention of C++, I think back to this:

DynamicSquid (4631)

@xxpertHacker lmao props to the person that made that!

elipie (379)


Good I am not the only one who names their repl's random things.

BD103 (125)

Quick question, how did you get the program to not blink?

RayhanADev (1980)

Cookies takin over the leaderboard

I dare you to change your pfp xD.

Coder100 (16985)

lmao change my pfp to what? @RayhanADev

RayhanADev (1980)

@Coder100 anything but cookie I’m just joking lol