blockformer: a platformer in BASIC

get to the green to beat the game. controls are A D and space. enjoy!
please note: there may be some glitches so if you find any please comment.

version: 1.0.9

fixes and updates:
you will no longer fly when holding the space bar.
you can no longer eat blocks.
you can no longer teleport without touching blue.
the block no longer duplicates itself at the starting point.
level 2 is out.
level 3 is out.
added timer.
level 4 is out.
level 5 is out.
level 6 is out.
level 7 is out.
you will no longer win by falling on an orange block.
level 8 is out.
you will no longer win by jumping on the lowest y level.
released level 9.
you will no longer eat blocks if you jump and there is a block right above you.
released level 10.
level 10 is no longer sometimes impossible.
there is now a starting button.
the block will no longer duplicate itself when you press a and go into a red block.
fixed some block duplication glitches and possibly an orange block eating glitch.
added controls button.
added back button at the end screen.
added pause button.
fixed some bugs with the pause button.
added options menu and difficulty setting.

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Man this is a big game in our class and its kinda becoming a fad dont't know if that's good or not but hey I like it


@Quirkyz thats cool!


@cubeguy11 Bro you are de bess because this is one of the best time killers I speedrun it it was so much fun