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Make your own part of my site!
NotMrMan (119)

Hello! Today I am going to tell you about a site you can develop!

There is a set of rules, so make sure to look at them before developing.

@GalaxyWolfX I know you wanted to help when I posted in Repl's Ask section, so there's your ping.

Anyway, the site has no limit on files that you can upload, but since I don't have hacker, only 50 people can join and i only have 400mb of space. So please, don't upload anything large, so others can work on the site too!


NotMrMan (119)

@peternielsen112 you get to join the repl, and make your own page(s).
That way, people who visit the site have a lot more content to check out!

BobTheTomatoPie (3360)

The idea of this is very cool

Corus (4)

good job! this is amazing!!!

NotMrMan (119)

@Corus thanks!
@vys should get a lot of credit for designing the menu, though. He/she did a good job!