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Mad Lib
FerChr23 (2)

It's a madlib where you fill out words with random words.

SilvermoonCat (436)

@fluffykitty421 yup :D Hitler's asking for my autograph lol

fluffykitty421 (3)

@SilvermoonCat i filled in numbers and found there's 28 prompts :P

     1 had always dreamed of filling 2 with packing peanuts, it was their goal to one day do it for a living.  Their dreams were dashed when they came to a 3 realization; they had a 4 allergy, and coming within a foot of a packing peanut made their 5 swell to the size of a 6 .  So 1 had no other choice but to go onto their second dream job, baking.
    Taking a loan of $ 7 , they were able to scrape together enough money to purchase an EasyBake Oven with only $ 8.0 left in their bank account. 1 started making all sorts of baked goods; 9 pies, 10 cupcakes,cakes in the shape of a 11 , and more 12 cookies than anyone could ever want.  Within 13 the whole population of 14 rushed to by something from them.
    All of a sudden, 1 was famous. 15 was asking for their autograph, 16 wanted to be in a commercial with them, and 17 was getting jealous.  Everything was just 18 in their life, and they wouldn’t change a thing.  The $ 8.0 in their bank account had turned into $ 8000 .
    But one day, a 18 storm raining down 19 came as a sign for things to come.  A wealthy CEO of 20  R Us came into 1 's bakery looking for one thing; a packing peanut cake. 1 froze like a 21 ,their 22 started sweating.  They had no choice, they had to make the cake.
    Carefully, they mixed together the ingredients, 23 tablespoons of 24 , 30 cups of 25 , a pinch of 26 , and the secret ingredient of 27 
    With shaky hands, 1 placed the pan into the EasyBake Oven.

    When the oven made its 28 "ding!" 1 opened it and grabbed the pan.


    Nothing happened

     1 had a 4 allergy, so why would they react to a cake?