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MacroHard Wordy: A MicroSoft Word-like online file editor!
BuddyRaider (24)

This is a custom file/text editor that I made in about 2 hours

It is made completely from scratch in HTML/CSS/JS.

At the time I made this (about 3-5 months ago), I was still learning CSS, so I challenged myself to use "display: none;" and "display: block;" rather than separate HTML pages. (I was really proud of myself at the time lol)

And now idk what else to put here, lol.

SO without further ado!



He motivated me to post this and he said I could ping him, so do not get mad at me plzthxbye :P


edit: this is my first post, so constructive criticism is welcome XD
also, this is a repost... :P
BuddyRaider (24)

I am so honored lol @BobTheTomatoPie

he likes my post! :P