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MY FIRST GAME!!!! Femboys vs Bookface

Femboys vs Bookface

This is my first game so please go easy on me.

(Plays Better on Full Page)

The Legion of Femboys™ have sent their bravest warrior in to defeat BookFace, created by Zuccyberg. The thing is, can you really defeat this entity? Watch out for the spawning Goth Elon Musks and Zuccybergs trying to reduce your health. Your goal is to get the corporation to 0 health, if you can even get it there.

There is an end to this game, but it might not be the one you expect.

(add ?debug=true for some cool data while playing)


(Key [Action])
W [Up]
A [Left]
S [Down]
D [Right]
Shift [Sprint]
Space [Fire]
Click [Fire]