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An authentic Lua-coded RPG experience.

--[[ What is LuaRPG? ]]--

  • LuaRPG is a uniquely coded text-based RPG experience. For the past few months I've worked constantly worked on this project, and am continuing to update it. I thought what better way to show others than here!

--[[ Why Lua? ]]--

  • For those who don't know, Lua is a mathematical programming language, and has a very fast compiler at loading code very quickly compared to most languages. However, it does come at a small cost. I am still trying to figure out multithreading with some of my other Lua games and other experimental issues. With raw Lua code, everything is input-based based on submitting text for the computer to process rather than assigning keybinds to do different things (I know other programs allow Lua to assign keybinds, but I haven't figured out how to do it in yet.)

--[[ How it was made ]]--

  • This game was coded over lots and lots of time. There contain lots of if/then statements to further strengthen the code. This game is very hard to crash with text inputs. I've tried to accommodate for every possible situation, but of course, parts I am still working on have their bugs (as of the time of writing this post, I'm working on horses.) This game was partially inspired by a bot from a discord server a long time ago.

--[[ What you can do ]]--

  • So unbelievably much. This game DOES have save states. After registering as a new player, type RPG Save and it'll give you a code. You can write down the code, and after you do, the next time you play, pick returning rather than new player, and type out the password, and after each number press enter. (You'll see.)

--[[ A quick guide ]]--

  • You know when you're ready to adventure when the RPG Help menu comes up. Type any of those commands to do various things. RPG Chance opens up the casino, where you can play against an originally artificially coded AI in blackjack, or various other games. You can go to RPG Shop to buy different sword upgrades, armors, health potions (which you'll definitely need) and horses.

Important note: If you see any <#> symbols next to an item, just type the corresponding number. Also, if you die in-game, it'll give you a save password with 1 health so you can revive your game and heal!

NOTE: Everything is pretty much clarified in game, don't worry! It's not very complicated, it's quite fun when you get the hang of it, but if you want to see how to play in detail, read above ^

Thank you all for playing my game! Have fun!! :D

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Let me know of any errors! Thank you and hope you have fun!! :D