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LuaH, my own coding language!
HarveyH (203)

This is my own coding language I have developed! To learn and for details, check out !

From now on, I will be recreating my previous repls with LuaH. Here is my list so far:

I have now added a 'Userhelp folder' for anyone who needs help. It includes already written code for you to copy and paste (Imports.lh) and a tutorial for you to learn (Tutorial.txt).

You do the actual coding for LuaH at the bottom underneath environment.

CSharpIsGud (924)

Looks Good But from what i see most of the function besides the output is a variable to a library

HarveyH (203)

@CSharpIsGud First of all, thanks!. Second of all, I know. It still needs a LOT more coding but to be honest, I can't get anything OTHER than output to not be a variable to a library unfortunately...

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH Give a shot at writing a program that does something based off of text given to it, then you could technically call it a language

HarveyH (203)

@CSharpIsGud I already have! I've used LuaH in LuaH learning! I will probably try to use it for a more advanced programme in the future though.

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH Yes, but its essentially just python with a few variables, Take a look at this:

It can do basic addition and comparison so far and ignores spaces

On top of that i didn't use any regular expressions

edit: btw i meant write a interpreter or something that reads input or a file and does what the language would normally do

HarveyH (203)

@CSharpIsGud Yeah, I know. It's far from finished. It'll take a while before it becomes 100% unique. I am working on it frequently though so I hope it get's finished soon. btw I still am going to learn more code for this, since I don't know python (my prime language) fully yet.

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH Just keep in mind that redefining True and False and renaming a couple functions does not create a new language.. It takes more than riding python directly, that was the most polite way i could think of saying that

I would also help, But i don't know much if any python

HarveyH (203)

@CSharpIsGud I know, I'm only gonna redefine simple stuff, the rest will be like output and calc.

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH What i meant by that was if you are defining it all in python or redefining libraries it cant qualify as a different language because either way you would still be using plain python

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH My post with my language didnt get anyone, so im going to share my lexical analyzer and see if it does any better, i have basic keyword recognition, addition and comparison but not variables in it(I included an inefficient parser) First i should comment the code

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH Yeah, i am doing it without Regex it goes character by character and does not assume what something is until it has the full story.

HarveyH (203)

@CSharpIsGud I have done a recreation of my NanoClock here in LuaH -->

CSharpIsGud (924)

@HarveyH Oh, and look up compilers and interpreters (or how to make one) and you should get some info on how they work or be able to find some tutorial somewhere of where to start (Note, They may not be in a language you know.. so you might have to use some intuition)

gjirtngisnt (14)

I am trying to make my own terminal: Aurora, I am calling it. I was wondering- since I am REALLY new to programming, I need advice. I tried to make variable assignment, but have no idea how to tell python to make a brand new variable on its' own.

TheForArkLD (772)

Hi,This is


I making my language,too
My Original Language name is DefLang,Based by LOGO,BASIC,FORTRAN

pythonCoffee (3)

Isn't this more of a Package or an Engine then a Language?

HarveyH (203)

@pythonCoffee Wow, idk that people still talk about this! Yeah, u could say that.

Bloxy_Cola (16)

How woulkd yopu make something like this?

demonismog (2)

I'm not a python expert or anything, but is this not just a function?

Edit: Saw this post 2 hours ago but forgot to submit my post, I see someone else mentioned this also. But yeah not exactly the best choice of words.
"This is a new coding language"

HarveyH (203)

@demonismog Yeah... Except for output and calc.

HarveyH (203)

@demonismog Yeah, I decided to change "new" to "my own" because well in like a weeks time, it ain't going to be that new.