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Lua Rock Paper Scissors
AdobeZev (16)

A simple game of rps made in lua! I had a great time making this in class.

katyadee (1285)

I just played this with my mom and won!

What class did you make this for?

AdobeZev (16)

@KatyaDelaney I made this in class. I was just bored. It's not a grade.

themaka (187)

@AdobeZev Good start! Looking for a bigger challenge? How about having it keep playing and track wins and losses?

MatCatt (0)

Pretty cool! What do you use to make it choose rps? I've found it tries to do what's a counter for your last move, or am I just getting luck with math.random?

gamingvideosD (0)

how do u do the console input

AdobeZev (16)


  • Io is the console; Read reads the console; the *l tells the script to read that line.