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Lookup hashtags on Replit explore

For those who dont know, Replit explore is out! :D

But the issue is...

We have no way of looking up hashtags on Replit explore whatsoever, and have to use what the algorithm gives us.

Introducing hashtag finder! Find repls you are interested in with this hashtag search!

Important Edit

The owner of this project will not host the repl anymore, and you
must host your own copy. Here is the instructions to make ye own.

1. Make a node.js repl


2. Copy the code below:

Copy this code for index.js file
Copy this code for public/index.html file

Bunnytoes (158)

@novaflippers I am also thinking about quiting replit as well,I am getting bored of coding by myself and I don't have any new ideas. I want a team but a tiny amount of the community codes c# and the people that do have 6k+ cycles


@Bunnytoes oof sad, I also wanted a dev team I could work with, but there isnt much people in my school who actually know coding, and I also struggle with getting ideas, though im quitting for mental health and just general schedule changes

Bunnytoes (158)

@novaflippers 1 person I know codes at my school but they do python


@Bunnytoes oof, there arent much people at my school who know coding, i was thinking of making a python/java/C/bash club to teach them coding, but idk if anyone would even be interested

DynamicSquid (4932)

The repl's private :)


@DynamicSquid oops forgot about that lemme make it public


@DynamicSquid Made it public :)