Andromeda - A space shooter

A space shooter game I made for the game jam. All the instructions included in-game.

Click here to play now

WARNING: it gets really difficult after the 5th level

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@Lolanator365 that's right, the game is not supposed to be easy. You need to think before you move your fingers, ask yourself, should I go there or not? What if X happens or what if Y happens? Etc. And just clear level 10, player ship gets huge upgrade. It's sort of like life, first you need to work very hard and then, you get an upgrade after which the life will become easy for a while but then life will throw even greater problems at you. I probably just think too much. ( Or rather too little ).

A little fun fact, the game was originally very easy ( according to @Scoder12 ). I increased the difficulty after his review.