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AlexTerm (24)

I need a pros help with fixing the login. message me if ur interested. Please no stealing.

duck132912 (212)

did you delete it? it does not work.

AlexTerm (24)


I change the name and implemented a game thingy

AlexTerm (24)

The only problem i have is that when i input 2 when i login, it only reads line 1 :(

amasad (3449)

This works if you save the usernames and passwords (hashed) into text files.

426729 (184)

Yeah... This only works with a server. Try hosting with Django.

ddiaz131 (4)

and btw i don't think it will save the information from register to login because replit doesn't support it i think so does that help?

ddiaz131 (4)

yo i have a way to hide the password when you enter it but replit doesn't support it so it will only work if it is used in the cmd when you run your program..