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Login page design
lilykhan (861)

A Design of login with Replit page.

It's just a simple responsive Design, It has no back-end.
It's made with pure Css!
Run the repl to see it live („• ֊ •„)

💙 Like it on Dribble

civiccoderguy (4)

Wow, that looks amazing, great job!

OldWizard209 (1537)

So plain, yet soo amazing. GOOD JOB !!!

OldWizard209 (1537)

I love how you upvote every comment on your post. That is just like soooooooo humble. Keep it up, dude!!! You are probably one of the best community members. @lilykhan

lilykhan (861)

@OldWizard209 that's so kind of u to say, thx <3

codingjlu (218)

@OldWizard209 it's great to upvote, but replit bans people who upvote too much...

Whippingdot (657)

brah wut i never knew you were an upvoot begger (oof) @OldWizard209

@lilykhan i am pretty sure you are not supposed to upvote every comment or u will get banned...but him saying u r probs one of the best community members - dat correct. U and @RayhanADev are POG

lilykhan (861)

wait really? I can get ban for upvoting a comment on my post? huh that's bad :( @Whippingdot

OldWizard209 (1537)

wait a minute. How does that make me an upvote beggar????????
Me appreciating the fact the lilykhan upvotes all her post's comments DOESN'T make be a beggar. @Whippingdot

And secondly, @lilykhan upvoting all the comments won't get him/her banned. It is not in one of the rules I guess:

Because he/she is not exactly mass upvoting a person's post, he/she is just appreciating people appreciating their work. [BRUH]

Anyways, next time @Whippingdot never taunt me on upvote begging because I would never do that. Look at all my posts and comments, I never beg for upvotes.

lilykhan (861)

@OldWizard209 Well, I think I should not upvote every comment coz it will give people more cycles, few ppl will continue commenting to get more upvotes.

Whippingdot (657)

Wait @lilykhan I don’t know if you understood what I said right - I thought you were upvoting EVERY comment on your post and so I said you could get banned. If you were only upvoting a few select ones - then no ban for u

Whippingdot (657)

I know I know u r a good guy. I am just saying - based on my understanding earlier I thought she was upvoting every comment, and you were thanking her for that... which was making me suspicious. @OldWizard209

Whippingdot (657)

Lul don’t unupvot ur own comments. You can keep them upvoted @lilykhan

lilykhan (861)

yeah I were upvoting almost all of them, coz they were so nice ;-; @Whippingdot

Lambutty (4)

thats really cool

DynamicSquid (4919)

@Lambutty Try to use words like "cool" instead :)

SamiOsman (43)

I cannot begin to explain how good this is.

CyberHacker101 (128)

idk what but im getting K.A. vibes to it lol







CyberHacker101 (128)

Khan Academy, Ms.Khan xDD @lilykhan

FrancisPan (31)

@CyberHacker101 Mr.Khan? I got her as a teacher

CyberHacker101 (128)

wat in da world you be talkin about?

srry i always forget wat I wrote before


CyberHacker101 (128)

It REALLY would be helpful if repl auto shows us the thread the comment is in ':l @lilykhan

nameless12321 (13)

Is it supposed to do anything?

lilykhan (861)

@nameless12321 its just a design lol i've mentioned it already

nameless12321 (13)

@lilykhan yes sorry I just realized after

IGamer123 (76)

Even if it cant log you into repl it yet, its cool :D

lilykhan (861)

I mean it's just a design tho :P @IGamer123

TomAnacondo (7)

Hey! Can I wire a replit auth to it?

lilykhan (861)

well It's just a design I don't want it to have any backend, ppl can add it if they need to use this as a template. @TomAnacondo

TomAnacondo (7)

Wanna collab on that? You design, I backend?

DanasUlbikas (1)

Looks great, 10/10. Goob job!


P+O+G = this

mumpy (6)

It's beautiful!

chilllll (1)

Is it okay if i use this, i will give you credit

tomrgh (1)

you're very good at programming I'm starting with HTML, congratulations

lilykhan (861)

I'm just learning, thx and best of luck :) @tomrgh

FazeBugha (1)

I was the thousandth run!!

PYer (4010)

Amazing! I love the picture in the top-right. I've tried to do something like that before, but I can never get it to fit with the colors/design. Love the mobile view as well. So beautiful 😭, love to see everything that you design!

lilykhan (861)

aww thx, if u ever need any help with ur designs u can let me know :) @PYer

PYer (4010)

Hmmmm... I just might. Don't have anything right now, but if I remember I'll definitely ask you about it :) thanks @lilykhan

AloegelhiPlaysR (131)

100% one of the best ones I've seen.

MarcusWeinberger (785)

Hey! Would you mind if I used this page in some of my projects? I'd credit you in the HTML or wherever you want. I just love the design!

JeffreyChen13 (44)

HEY, this is AWESOME. POG. :) :D

lilykhan (861)

thnx, surely will make more <3 @JeffreyChen13

CuriousMonkey (48)

omg the real question is why this is not the homepage for repl

lilykhan (861)

good question! I wonder the same @CuriousMonkey

RohilPatel (1581)

Haha it could go well with my google sign in. Sick design btw