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Lockdown Showdown Part One - Browser Games that Will Keep You Having Fun Online

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So if you're like me, you are bored ALOT, and you want to put that energy into something fun and entertaining. Look no further than these free online multiplayer games I have found that can be played in your browser without any downloads! I have played each of these games myself...and I have enjoyed each one of them.

Tanki Online

Tanki Online Screenshot

Tanki Online is an epic, real-time, PvP shooter in which players customize their tanks and battle it out in 3D! Even though you can choose to conduct micro transactions, they ae not necessary and will improve tank customization, etc. It also has recently been added to the Google Play Store for Android. Play the game here!
(If the link above doesn't work, try this one. Please friend me (I am Blazadam) if you would like!

Bloble IO

Bloble io is a free-to-play io game in which you build up your base and destroy the bases of others. One nice thing about this io game is that it requires no sign up or downloads!


For you creative minds, you should play Manyland (best to play it in Google Chrome). In this open-world game, you can create virtually anything, make friends, explore, and play minigames. It is really fun! However, to experience the full Manyland gameplay, you will need to sign with Google or Facebook.
(Check out my sci-fi-themed world Spock's Club!)


Build you custom space fleet into battle in the arena with up to six players in a battle! It's free and intense (plus you can build some really awesome ships)!

I will add more games in Part 2, but now for some honorable mentions!

Alpha Wars

In Alpha Wars, you upgrade your base, build your army, join alliances, and conquer bases in real-time! I would have listed it above EXCEPT that there are paid players in this game an, although it has awesome gameplay, it can be frustrating to non-paid players.
(This same company built Astro Conquest, Delta Wars, Mars Battle, etc. with the same model.)

MooMoo IO

This game is fun, but it has alot of hackers playing it. It is an io game that requires no sign up, however.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will try out some of these games!
Look out next week for Lockdown Showdown Part Two, in which I will list my favorite real-time strategy games!

(BTW, if you are wondering, I am a programmer, not just a gamer XD)!

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