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Loading Screen
NotMrMan (106)

Loading screen

I made a loading screen in python.
It is very annoying, and will take over 1 hour to finish loading (i think, haven't waited that long). Once you finish loading the assets, you get a "free cruise". this was inspired by scam callers. of course, you don't actually get one, but you should find out what you actually get.

no, it's not a rickroll.

lzk (0)

i waited 1 hour just to hear "you won nothing except anger :)" lol. other then that pretty funny!

NotMrMan (106)

@lzk haha i forgot that i made this
it was posted 3 months ago lol

NotMrMan (106)

also, don't mind all the comments in the code, i suck with words and it was my first time actually marking my code with comments