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Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA
rohitbasu (58)

Live COVID-19 Tracker for the USA for Devpost

Barry123 (348)

nice! could you also add the rest of the world?

rohitbasu (58)

@Barry123 @Barry123 I'd need an API that contains the data for all the countries, and on top of that it'd have to be in a much more efficient format than the current one. The current API I use has a lot of data on the coronavirus, most of which isn't relevant and was stored on a past date (you can see all this by using the URL link in the program). The program right now isn't incredibly efficient because of this. Although I tried to read only what was necessary, my code treats the document like one single line, and so it essentially reads the whole thing when it just has to read a much smaller portion. Taking this into consideration, I don't know if adding the rest of the world would allow the program to even boot the UI up in a satisfactory amount of time (especially considering it takes quite a bit of time for the UI to load with only 50 states from the US). From a coding standpoint however, if I do get an API that meet the needed requirements, it actually would be quite simple to implement it given the API has enough information to supply the program.

dillonjoshua68 (73)

Did u copy this from online? Cuz I found one done by a dude on a website and he made a one for India, so did u refer to that? @rohitbasu btw just wanted to know

rohitbasu (58)

@dillonjoshua68 No me and my partner who made this program from scratch and used online resources like stackoverflow to solve many problems we encountered trying to make it.

dillonjoshua68 (73)

Oh ok nicuu, so I suppose that u referred to the other website too for a basic idea of it? @rohitbasu

amaddentcsec (234)

Awesome job with the GUI :D

JosephSanthosh (1196)

I saw this exact same thing in GitHub. You plagiarised!!!

JosephSanthosh (1196)

I remember seeing the same code in github and I know what I saw and I don’t want to go through 450 codes just for [email protected]

JosephSanthosh (1196)

Is there any way I can check my history on GitHub? @eekboi

eekboi (287)

@JosephSanthosh Check your browser history for github pages.

JosephSanthosh (1196)

I can't find it on any of my devices, one of my siblings must have cleared the browsing data previously. @eekboi

Funkus (240)

@JosephSanthosh that's if you actually found the "original" code.

ARJPEG (151)

Wait, how did you post a repl that's not yours?

rohitbasu (58)

@adityaru I had a partner and he shared it with me so we could collaborate on it together, so I had access to publish it.

aguy11 (127)

@johnstev111 This happens a TON to me... Just reload the page.

firefish (1004)

@aguy11 I don't know, because I didn't do anything. On load it happened. It usually happens if you delete every single file on the container

aguy11 (127)

@johnstev111 It just happens anyway, because I think repl is not a completely stable IDE, (Just imagine how hard it must be to support so many computer languages.). It's also pretty hard to do live code editing and a ton of other cool stuff. This never happens to other IDEs because they don't have as many extra functions. OR repl might be updating itself. I dunno, what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's that.

EpicGamer007 (1609)

@aguy11 & @johnstev111, It happens to me when I delete or create many file rapidly. It could be because swing(especially on an online ide) would create many files and that could be taxing on the system...

amasad (3356)

@AbhayBhat hey guys, this is a bug in we just fixed a lot of them. Let me know if they start coming up again.

aarushkatta (8)

it said illegal access by

aarushkatta (8)

I saw when it dowload3d

BenFord (13)

Man, that doesnt mean its against the law... @aarushkatta

AH3973 (39)

i see that the case count updates at midnight. even though my state department of public health has posted new numbers already.

PythonSwarit (14)

that is really good


what is this

JonoLang (13)

@HerculukeZeEpic Yeah I saw the warning too.

adl212 (166)

Very accurate! I like it!

Bookie0 (5977)

Nice job! I dont know if its possible, but maybe customize the window to make it look nicer?

HerculukeZeEpic (189)

Open in a new tab and read the warnings...

ameet9034 (6)

Wow! This is awesome! Creative, and informative! :D

ZeeMan (8)

Great job!!!!!!!!!! On my computer, the GUI is really fuzzy. I'm using Linux Mint 19 and I have Firefox.

ZeeMan (8)

Maybe I should use Chrome?

ZeeMan (8)

Chrome doesn't display any better.

SixBeeps (5062)

Nice job on this. I haven't messed with Swing a lot, but is there a way to keep this dropdown left-aligned so that it doesn't go over the word 'State'?

EpicGamer007 (1609)

@SixBeeps, I am pretty sure there is. You could mess with layouts and that would probably work

EpicGamer007 (1609)

Yay, finally a covid tracker in java.

EpicGamer007 (1609)

@dabs364, I believe there is but it is pretty old, you might be able to find it if you search it up on share

CodingRobot12 (184)

This a great program!

studentAlfredAl (444)

This is really good! Keep up the great work! :D
#javagang lol

EpicGamer007 (1609)

@studentAlfredAl, yes #javagang. That should become real hashtag tho

studentAlfredAl (444)

because java isn't as popular or as widely used @dabs364

EpicGamer007 (1609)

@studentAlfredAl, I added it to my status lol, wait, it should be #javaGang because camelCase