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Linkr - the custom redirect manager
MarcusWeinberger (770)

Linkr - the custom redirect manager

  • See who clicks on links - manage multiple campaigns at once!
  • Gather custom data - enter your own JavaScript to eval client-side
  • Delete links - when you're done, just click delete
  • Dupl Auth SSO - use dupl auth's Single Sign On service

Because teams cannot create posts, the repl attatched is a redirect

view the source code of this project here

CoolCoderSJ (495)

My favorite dupl product, It definitely beats bitly. (P.S. If u use this with its perfect, you can track from here, and shorten the redirect URLs with Really good tho


Now you know how much data websites can collect from u :O
Must go find VPN now...

MarcusWeinberger (770)

@CoolCoderSJ thank you! how do you get access to, though?

CoolCoderSJ (495)

@MarcusWeinberger I mean like that system..
I forked it then added my own domain and id
They explain how to do it in the readme

StudentLevi (5)

site can't be reached

MarcusWeinberger (770)

@StudentLevi looks to be working to me, try again