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Lil' Chat App! || Talk with your friends ||
CatR3kd (561)


im back baby and i made a chat app lets go
it's very simple and that's because it's for a larger project heh heh (remember when i last said that??)
I hope you enjoy, any suggestions?

(would recommend fullscreen)

Edit: Thanks for the updoots let's get 100 (:<


NotMrMan (119)

I like it!

One suggestion: maybe try to use replauth to get access to usernames (so people know who other people are)?

xXToluwaXx (72)

NANI?! I've made a Chatty app in node.js and no one liked it, but this is where it is:
but I'm going to give a applaud for actually becoming famous

Programmer323 (0)

i forked it. how do i take out the recapathca? it says invalid dimain key @CatR3kd

CatR3kd (561)

That's gonna be a big process...

Programmer323 (0)

@CatR3kd what do you mean by uhh why? i am a little confuesed

CatR3kd (561)

Why do you want to remix it @Programmer323

Programmer323 (0)

So I can make a version for my family or use 😃@CatR3kd

CatR3kd (561)

You can fork it on github

Corus (4)

lol maybe a commands list. like maybe /list that lists everyone on the server.

EliasTheGreat (45)

This is really cool, a suggestion I have is that You should put a cooldown,
and something that I would like to point out this chat is vulnerable to socket.emit

M07 (2)

I forked this repl for my friends to use privately, and it's really nice, but I am having trouble disabling the swear filter, and my friends want to be able to swear.

JBloves27 (1885)

Suggestion: add darkmode

TreeBen77 (0)

this is cool but it would be epik if u added everyone's names! keep up the good work :D

TheC0derGirl (250)

alright who is this?


@TheC0derGirl Idk, but maybe make a captcha or smth. With simple python selenium anyone can make a raid thing

YuvanVighnesh (102)

can u get a custom domain or something?
my school blocks basically every website that "isn't educational" xd

Corus (4)

@CatR3kd , maybe add repl auth feature. And maybe add a feature where ppl can choose to be unknown. This is very fun btw.

DSAEvan (23)

How about a cat theme? #catpersonyouwerechattingwithyesterday @CatR3kd

CatR3kd (561)

0: shhh you're not supposed to tell everyone lol @DSAEvan

Bookie0 (6281)

Try adding the username of who’s talking, more css, perhaps a favicon, and more colors! :D

CatR3kd (561)

i'm just gonna add this to the post, but yeah im working on it lol @Bookie0

Baconman321 (1097)

Hehe, invalid unicode exploit works (as it always does). Maybe check for invalid unicode (if you can). Otherwise "blank" posts work.

CatR3kd (561)

well, it's not worth patching because there's
200+ so yeah lol @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1097)

@CatR3kd Oh yea definitely.

Well, when I mean invalid I mean numbers that aren't bound to a character.

But, yeah there's definitely 200+.

TheC0derGirl (250)

This is a great game and all, but here are some suggestions!

  • Might want to filter some words 0_0
  • Sometimes it says "4 user's online or something" but no-ones on i think, might be a bug
  • Maybe adding usernames would help to know who people are! like who's on and who sent messages!

Great chat app anyway! :D

CatR3kd (561)

1: yeah, i've added a filter
2: It's the ones not in the full browser, doesn't lie lol
3: Yeah that's my next project
Thanks though!

BananaJellyfish (210)

Was i talkong to you on it, or just some random person? @CatR3kd

CatR3kd (561)

not sure, im gonna add usernames and other stuff soon, ill make a separate post for it, i can @ you in it if you want @BananaJellyfish

TheC0derGirl (250)

@CatR3kd could you @ me too as i was going to ask the same question!

RayhanADev (2521)

Lol nice to see you! This is pretty good! Just a quick idea..
Add an anchor to the bottom of the page and whenever a message is pushed to the chat, make it scroll to the anchor in the JS. That way the user doesn't have to scroll ;D

CatR3kd (561)

actually i did lol
it works for me...
nice to see you too!
(ps i made this in like 2 hours dont expect too much (:< lol)

RayhanADev (2521)

@CatR3kd lmao
and hey your two hour chat is better than my two day broken forum xD

CatR3kd (561)

rip lol
i'd offer to help but im making a bigboy project...
gl tho

RayhanADev (2521)

@CatR3kd tehehehe thanks
gl to you too

CatR3kd (561)

thanks (: ✨@RayhanADev