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Life Simulator
mrsprinkletoes (154)

Life simulator - Simulate life. Will you die young, or will you die over 100? Or maybe you'll die in birth.

Zavexeon (1162)

Awesome. I'm officially inhuman.

Zavexeon (1162)

@mrsprinkletoes Forgot to upvote earlier. Just did that.

mrsprinkletoes (154)

@Zavexeon thanks, first upvote I think I’ve ever gotten yay




what happened to the life simulator? This is just saying that I eat children.

mrsprinkletoes (154)

@AIDANGREEN6 this isn't the code I posted... it looks like it was somehow changed?


@mrsprinkletoes Yeah. Did you get any notifications way back, that were all weird, and said so and so are "asking to edit a project?" If you did, and you accidentally clicked yes, this might have happened.
Or if you live with other people, one of them may have gotten access to your computer.
Or somebody else got your password.