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🤖LiamOS Chatbot🤖
JacksonSmith2 (14)

L.I.A.M. (Learning Interactive Advanced Machine) is my most advanced chatbot yet. It can detect advanced patterns in messages and answer multi-layered questions. (Ex: Why did the chicken cross the road? Why? To get to the other side!)

JonDoeBeep (36)

why did you delete it

AdCharity (1317)

Oh interesting. So if you encounter something new, it stores it... can I suggest making a preset brain.json file cause it takes a while to talk to. I'm not sure if you could replicate this, but there seems to be an error here:

JacksonSmith2 (14)

@AdCharity It appears that you seemed to have somehow replied somewhere you weren't supposed to. It works in a system as in:

Bot or You starts conversation
Bot or You replies to conversation starter

You say something
Bot replies
If there's multiple layers, respond to question 2.
Bot says something
You reply.
If there's multiple layers, bot responds again.

JacksonSmith2 (14)

@AdCharity Also, I might make a starter brain to start off with.

JacksonSmith2 (14)

@AdCharity I found the glitch you experienced and fixed it. I also added a starter brain!