[repl.email] Public API v1 and python library - send emails from @repl.email through the api

Welcome! I am happy to announce the initial release of repl.email API v1

View this project on PyPi, or look at this demo repl to see usage examples (python).

Get your API key here


For every request, your username and api token must be included in the headers. Here's how to do it in cURL:

curl -H "user: MarcusWeinberger" -H "token: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"

All API requests must be POST, and data should be sent as JSON.

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are you able to create a js version for it, python is tricky to deal with in electron when you need to get info back plus you will need to use argparse. @MarcusWeinberger


haha, get your keys here... can't login anymore... @MarcusWeinberger


ahh. there is a DOM error: