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Legend [ALPHA]
LoveFromSkyy (137)

Alpha release! (Legend! Beta release coming soon!!!)

The setback has been resolved for the making of Legend! Soon after the Alpha release (if reviews are high) the Alpha version will be released right after!

The Alpha release consists of a small item shop that so far offers 3 different potion types that range in the amount of health given.

The game is currently receiving very small donations towards making the game performance better and faster.

Things to be expected in the BETA of Legend:

  • More weapons, changing melee attacks
  • Different monster types with bosses and new attacks
  • New elemental powers aside from defaults
  • Casino where you can gamble for money (very very risky)
  • Quests (coming late in the BETA)
  • Possible monster drops

It is believed that after the BETA the full game will be released with possible new characters with entirely different skillsets and stats.

Again, thank you for being patient (for those who cared).

ALPHA patch notes:

Due to program runtime and lag 1 fix has been made.
Program update includes a sleep timer for each function change (including Login, Mode select, menu, level start)

XP and LVL glitch fixed.
Shop added: Includes Small potion, medium and large, buying will add the one of your choice to your inventory. Can only be used if the player owns 1 or more of the item.
- Story Mode
- Shop
Ascii added to each menu for extra style.


(NOTE: if you are interested in helping, email me about it. I have room for more developers and suggestions for the game. Before you walk away, THE PEOPLE WHO DO SO WILL BE IN THE CREDITS.)

Email me at [email protected]

Upvote if you like it ;)

Feel free to mention bugs, I will note those.