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Learning how to game gaming gamers
HoodedBeaver (17)

It is the start of a truly great and massive rpg
(its my first game ever and also has many spelling errors as it is still in development, Think of it as a pre-alpha exclusive look) ALSO MAKE SURE TO NOT CAPITALIZE ANY WORDS OTHER THAN THE PYTHAGOREAN EQUATION ANSWER also, for thecode, for now it does not actually have a value but it will soon in the future.

1andonlyaether (18)

would be best game ever except so many your you'r you're errors

Parchin (4)

1. So much text, but you can make color-text with:
from colorama import Fore , Back , Style
print ( Fore . RED + 'some red text' ) --- than players will feel better when they will read it.
2. about roads. You can write in "()" what player can choose:
or squaire route. (maat path, makka pass, squaire route), becouse I needed to look into script.
3. Game is really nice, funny and I see you were working so hard, so...

HoodedBeaver (17)

ohh ok. how do i make the text easier to read? is there a way to make it scroll to the side while printing instead of all at once? also I just started it today so hopefully I can make it bigger soon

HoodedBeaver (17)

@Parchin also what colour would you suggest

Bookie0 (5957)

@Parchin ANSI escape codes are better than colorama

Nanowrimoijk (58)

just started and I already had to updoot, idk why this made me laugh so hard

HoodedBeaver (17)

@Nanowrimoijk Thanks!! its my first game ever, im glad you liked it

dustdude (6)


ch1ck3n (1578)

You insulted me in any way possible >:(

CookieSnowOwl (41)

plz add a text letter-by-letter print.

HoodedBeaver (17)

@CookieSnowOwl i wish i could but idk how to do tht..

BananaJellyfish (199)

instead of

While True:
    classchoice= input()


While True:
    classchoice= input().lower()

which will convert the input to lowercase

HoodedBeaver (17)

@BananaJellyfish oh wait really? thats really helpful, thanks :)

thethermometer (3)

lol text based game eh

Whippingdot (552)

Bruh I feel creeped - how did it know I was goofy

Bookie0 (5957)

A^2 + B^2 ≠ C^2 necessarily:

(Though I get what you mean, you're talking about the Pythagorean Theorem. You could probably include an ASCII drawing of the triangle with the side names so as to avoid any confusion! :D)

HoodedBeaver (17)

@Bookie0 i get what you mean but a^2 + b^2 is very common as a mathimatical equation and there is no other math equation with this to my knoledge. also i dont know how to make a ascii drawing. its my first program i have ever written

ArtiskOnGit (0)

Bruh ty you made my day

Parchin (4)
  1. there is so much text, you can make it better for player with color-text:
    from colorama import Fore , Back , Style
    print ( Fore . RED + 'some red text' )
    there are more instuctions.