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Learning AI
Draco (19)

An AI that
I built it learns to play the game rather quickly. (\)

MikeJMS8910 (234)

couldn't you just make it so that it senses if it is near something and just jumps

WilliamHiggs (2)

Very cool! I'm inspired to build something simular

Draco (19)

Can you beat its score

Boss68 (8)

THATS SO COOL!! I made an AI like this to solve a maze, but I can't post it here because it uses pygame and doesn't have video drivers, but that is AWESOME!

freddyamarsden (31)

How does this work? What are you supposed to do and how do you beat it?

Boss68 (8)

@freddyamarsden: its a genetic algorithm that beats the dinosaur game, so you don't do anything you just watch it beat the game.