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Language Detection
tiki720 (52)

Neural net made to tell the difference between English and Finnish, try it out, change the languages, do whatever you want!
Also, write down in the description to tell me what I should do next, I have no Idea what I should do

Case_Buttitta (45)

Apparently, "aaa" is Finnish

tiki720 (52)

@Case_Buttitta keep in mind it’s not perfect, also for me aaa isn’t but aaaa is at around 90% instead of >10%

Babbel (65)

WOW! This thing is amazing!

SixBeeps (5331)

Ouch, making a neural net app with HTML, JS, and CSS. That seems like a lot of work, it's almost scary. Great job on this ;)

HappyFakeboulde (241)

sounds like something carykh did

tiki720 (52)

@HappyFakeboulde yeah, I took inspiration ;) from it but I made it run faster. He used 26 input nodes per letter when I got away with only using 26 total. Instead, I made it so each time the letter comes up in the word it adds 0.2 to the total input value, which, in the end, comes to the same result.

HappyFakeboulde (241)

@tiki720 ok...
(doesn't understand but accepts it)